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Is an artist based in Taipei


Szuchi Huang






The artist Szuchi Huang majors in multimedia and cinematics, with years of working experience in filming, magazine publishing, and designing business. In the slough of despond, she retrieved a paintbrush to draw again, a long lost interest as well as an old pal in her childhood. Although she is not a fine arts major, she integrates components of various fields into her work, making herself a painting container. She is particularly specialized in containing a plot of stories in her painting as well as visualizing words. Such background and specialties are beyond a particular category, which turns to create more possibilities in her work.


1974   出生台灣桃園市

Born in Tauyuan, Taiwan


1997   台灣政治大學廣播電視學系畢業 台北,台灣

BA, Broadcasting and Television, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan


2003   舊金山大學多媒體藝術創作碩士,美國

MFA, New Media, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco, USA


2013   月球:觸動 聯展 台北,台灣

MOON:TOUCH, Group Exhibition, Taipei,Taiwan


2014   台北當代藝術博覽會2014 台北,台灣

Young Art Taipei 2014 , Taipei, Taiwan


2014   淡藍色的星星底下。漫步 個展 台北,台灣

Starry Sky.Promenade,  Solo Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan


2015   台北當代藝術博覽會2015 台北,台灣

Young Art Taipei 2015, Taipei, Taiwan


2016   新地月見兔復活尋趣之旅 活動展 香港  

Moonbunny's Easter Day event, Hong Kong


2016   月見兔 鏡內/境外 個展 台北,台灣

MoonBunny: inside the mirror/ outsider, Solo Exhibiton Taipei,Taiwan


2018   做夢的時候散步 個展 桃園機場,台灣

Strolling while Dreaming, Solo Exhibition Taoyuan, Tawan ( Taoyuan International Airport)

Artist Statement








I enjoy traveling as much as to taking a stroll or fooling around in various cities. I am also good at dreaming, regardless of its kinds: night or day. Dreaming a dream feels like taking a trip, in which I visit one city after another as watching one scene after another. Traveling, dreaming, and I myself make up a dissociable love triangle.


Since 2011, I’ve been devoted to Moonbunny, who comes from the Moon to look for his another identity on earth. He seems an avatar in my dream, telling about the road traveled and the promenade experienced for me.


Nevertheless, he travels alone under the temporal and spatial context on earth. Comparing to his hometown, the foreign land seems like a dream. He makes himself a carrier or a mirror, bearing or reflecting where he has been to. So hard to tell the illusion from the reality as the dreamland tends to float, crack or deform. He cannot help questioning himself if he has ever been here for sure.


Whether it’s about traveling in a dream or dreaming on a journey, after the end of such a journey, Moonbunny and I will keep on our journey with a sweet dream in these paintings.

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